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Thorough Carpet Cleaning Service in Bristol

Rely on the specialist cleaners that Homeclean provides to have your curtains and carpet looking brand new. Working across Bristol we provide specialist cleaners with over 25 years of experience, using the latest equipment and techniques rid your carpet of dust mites and any built-up dirt or grime. 

Our treatment involves using stain block and deodoriser which will take under 4 hours to fully dry, with our WoolSafe-approved products perfect for all natural and synthetic floor coverings. Our new water extraction system works deep to remove dirt and build ups, leaving your carpet clean every single time.

A carpet being cleaned by out team

Our Professionals

All staff are fully trained in using warm water and extraction cleaning techniques to deep clean suites, cushions, and mattresses. We also offer specialist cleaners and conditioners to remove grime and maintain your suite’s pristine condition.

A sofa that is being worked on by our team

Additional Treatments

Stain Shield

Stain Shield

  • A Protective Coating on the Fabric

  • Prevents Dirt Becoming Ingrained or Soaked in

  • Keeps Upholstery Cleaner for Longer



  • Enhances and Increases the Life of Fabrics



  • Enhances and Generates Freshness

  • Kills Dust Mites

  • Removes Odours, including Pet Odours

A curtain that has recently been cleaned by our team

Curtain Cleaning

When cleaning your curtains, we spray them with our solution to remove grime and dirt before using a vacuum to remove excess dirt. This method is convenient as it can be completed while they remain hanging, with our solution leaving them smelling fresh.

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