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Specialist Carpet Cleaners Working throughout Plymouth

Depend on our carpet cleaning specialists to refresh and improve the appearance of your property’s carpets. Drawing on our many years of experience, we professionally clean carpets, curtains and suites to ensure they are left in an immaculate condition. Serving customers throughout Plymouth, get in touch with Homeclean to find out more about our quality services and competitive prices.

A carpet being cleaned with water by our team

Professional Carpet Cleaning

Look no further than our reputable business when you want to remove stains and dirt from your property’s carpets. Here at Homeclean, we provide a quality, straightforward and competitively priced carpet cleaning service for customers throughout Plymouth. No job is too big or too small for our specialist cleaners and we capably remove the build up of dirt and grime from your carpets to ensure they are left looking like new and free of dust mites. Upon your carpets being cleaned, it takes just two to four hours for them to fully dry.

A carpet being cleaned by out team

Using Quality Products to Clean Carpet

For our carpet cleaning services, we use stain block and deodoriser as standard which is also WoolSafe-approved. This treatment is also perfect for cleaning natural and synthetic floor coverings. To ensure every aspect of your carpet is free from dirt, we use a state-of-the-art extraction system that allows us to effectively remove all muck. When this extraction system is used on your flooring, you will be left with clean and visually appealing carpets every single time.

A sofa that is being worked on by our team

Furniture Cleaning

Utilising our wealth of industry experience, we use the most effective cleaning techniques to thoroughly clean suites, cushions, and mattresses. In addition to this, we can also treat leather using specialist cleaners and conditioners which effectively remove grime and help to keep the leather in excellent condition. 

We also offer additional treatments including:

Stain Shield

Stain Shield

  • A Protective Coating on the Fabric

  • Prevents Dirt Becoming Ingrained or Soaked in

  • Keeps Upholstery Cleaner for Longer



  • Enhances and Increases the Life of Fabrics



  • Enhances and Generates Freshness

  • Kills Dust Mites

  • Removes Odours, including Pet Odours

A curtain that has recently been cleaned by our team

Curtain Cleaning

As part of our comprehensive curtain cleaning service, we use a dry cleaning system that can be carried out at your home while the curtains are still hanging. Our professionals use a solution that is sprayed onto the curtains to remove dirt and grime. Furthermore, after this has been completed, we use vacuums to remove excess dirt. Upon completion of the service, you are left with fresh curtains that look as good as new. Plus, your curtains will also smell nice after the clean too as we spray a fragrant on them.

Contact our carpet specialists to acquire more information about our array of cleaning services available in Plymouth.

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