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Cheltenham’s Very Own Specialists in Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

Enjoy that new carpet feeling by having a specialist carry out a comprehensive clean of your carpet. Here at Homeclean, covering Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, we provide expert carpet cleaning services, removing dust mites, dirt, and grime from your floors. In just two to four hours, you could have a beautiful new-look carpet that is stain free.

A carpet being cleaned by out team

What We Do

Our treatment includes stain block and a deodoriser as standard and is WoolSafe approved – ideal to use on natural and synthetic floors. Our new water extraction system gets deep into your carpet to remove all built-up dirt and grime.

Suites, Cushions, and Mattresses

Our skilled operatives use warm water and extraction techniques to ensure a deep clean on your mattresses, suites, and cushions. What’s more, we’re also able to treat leather using specialist cleaners and conditioners, keeping your suite in fantastic condition.

A sofa that is being worked on by our team

Additional Treatments

Additional Treatments

  • Stain Shield can be placed on your fabrics leaving a protective coating, which prevents dirt from becoming ingrained and spillages seeping in.

  • Conditioner can be used to enhance and increase the life of your fabrics.

  • Deodorisers can also be used to create fresh smells, remove odours, and kill dust mites.

A curtain that has recently been cleaned by our team

Curtain Cleaning

Our flexible dry cleaning system can even be used while your curtains are still hanging. Our spray-on solution removes dirt and grime while a vacuum removes any leftover stains. What’s more, the spray we use is fragranced, leaving your curtains smelling wonderful.

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